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Case Study on Market Intelligence

SISL has recently worked with Innovita Partners Ltd (IPL) who are a leading Consultancy in Business Transformation and Strategy Design. Our involvement is to support the Market Intelligence activity in the Market Opportunity Assessment phase. The end client, who are market leaders in High Performance Computing, is looking for opportunities to expand their footprint into Finance Services in EMEA.

Our primary objective was to collect the market information (using secondary research techniques), on current trends of using high performance computing for Artificial Intelligence (AI) specially targeted towards Financial Services clients. The collected information was then collected into a pre-agreed template for further analysis by IPL Consultants.

SISL delivered the following services to IPL:

  • 1) Define the research objectives aligned to IPL and / or end-client requirements
  • 2) Agree the research plan (effort, timelines) and data collection parameters
  • 3) Carry out data collection activity and provide bi-weekly update on progress made
  • 4) Collate the data and tabulate into pre-agreed templates (designed by SISL and IPL jointly)
  • 5) Analyse and present findings to assist IPL Consultants to analyse and draw inferences easily. Our Lead Analyst also conducted preliminary analysis to supplement IPL Consultants
  • 6) Review the findings and Signoff the assignment

SISL conducts market research that is industry or sector agnostic however the focus is technology and product companies.

SISL data collection involved identifying companies offering similar solutions, demographics of such companies (turnover, sales volume, geography presence, employee size), recent acquisitions, growth patterns, core offerings etc.

SISL targeted specific focus groups and information available in public domain such as market information portals, knowledge banks, analyst reports to collect relevant data/information.

The overall outcome of the data research was well received by our IPL as it supplemented and complemented the primary research conducted by IPL Consultants. It also provided IPL put together a robust go-to- market strategy.